Mutton Bustin'
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Mutton Bustin'

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Hello Mutton Busters!!
Each evening of the Folsom Pro Rodeo, a group of brave cowboys and cowgirls test their skills by riding sheep! With a handful of wool, they attempt to stay on board while the sheep steps out of the chute and often just lays down. It's a crowd favorite as they cheer for all of the contestants! Mutton busting is open to 5-6 year old youths.

Stay tuned for registration!!

It's going to be a GREAT RODEO!!

REMEMBER! You will need the following:
1. Proof of medical insurance
2. Child's birth certificate
3. Both parents/guardians must sign forms
4. Your child must be weighed (no more than 55 lbs)

IF you are unable to attend, then you can make a special arrangement to have your child weighed by calling the Chamber office or can just be weighed onsite at Rodeo (if you choose that option and the child weighs in at over 55 lbs the child will not be able to compete and they will not be refunded).

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